Coupons and Grocery Shopping


We LOVE saving money in this house and here is one way we do it.I have people ask me quite often how much our grocery bill is each month. Oh I say about $100 to $180 dollars a month. People are usually shocked. So you want to know how I do it? Well it takes a day of planning my grocery list and menu, and yes in that order. So this is how I do it.
I’m sure you have seen the shows on how people buy loads of newspapers just for the coupons and then spend hours cutting them all out, and they save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Well I know it is possible for those of you that live in the bigger cities to do this. I also know it is harder for people who live in smaller towns and communities where there is only 1 to 2 grocery stores. But every penny saved is a penny earned. So I’m going to urge you today try buying one newspaper with coupons in it cut them out on a lazy afternoon or evening right before you go grocery shopping, make your grocery list based on whats on sale and what you have for coupons.

Now some do’s and don’ts

Do set aside an amount of money that will only be used for grocery shopping. Don’t grocery shop on an empty tummy nor shop on a whim and don’t shop based on what you want to eat but do shop and plan your meals according to whats on sale and only bring cash, no purse no debit cards and no credit cards. It will force you to stay within your budget and not go over. You will find that you will be more creative when planning your meals and it will also help create more of a variety in your diet along with saving lots of money.

When shopping bring your kids. I know, I know it might seem more of a hassle but trust me, I have been able to teach my kids how to help, I urge you to give it a try. We take grocery shopping to its fullest. They help me find the items on the grocery list, we count the items that we put into our cart, and they absolutely LOVE unloading the cart unto the belt at the checkout lane.

Here are some links for some free coupon sites, where you can print the coupons you want and use them. without having to buy a paper. Just remember not all the coupons on the sites below are in the papers. If you are looking for more opportunities to save. Buy the paper as well as using the sites below.

There are also many more sites out there you can check out.

What are your takes on couponing? Do you have much success?

About ajoyful

I'm a wife, a momma, a housekeeper and a penny saving one at that.

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