Special Olympics

I know this post will have nothing to do with saving money or pinching pennies and saving a buck or two. But, it does come from my heart.

Recently I helped coached a group of athletes that have development disabilities. You know some of those people that get the dirty looks at the market place or in the mall because they walk funny, they move their hands in a different way, they talk different and or are stuck in a wheelchair?

Well I have never been to an event where I saw more determination for trying and being excited because they received a 1st place or 6th place ribbon.

Their motto you might ask says it all. Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

It was neat to see children as young as 8 participate in the events right alongside athletes that were much older. They had just as much determination as the person standing next to them. They smiled so huge that their smiles spread from one ear to the other.

Can you imagine if we all tried that in life? Where would we be. We don’t have disabilities that make it impossible to do things. If only we could have all that.

Some of the things I saw were wheelchair races. “now that is fun to watch” I saw runners, run their little hearts out, I saw athletes throw and hard as they possibly could and I saw athletes jump as high and as far as their legs could carry them. I saw athletes with passion in their eyes to run to the finish line. They tried with all their heart, soul and mind and everything that was in them.

They were proud of their accomplishments. They got a chance to show the world that they too are special in their own unique way. They did awesome! They not only cheered on their team mates but they cheered on the team that was competing against them.

Now if that isn’t having a good heart than I don’t know what is. I hope you get a chance to go to a Special Olympic event, and bring your kids, they will learn more about determination and team spirit than any other event they will ever go to.

You might wonder why Special Olympics holds such a soft spot in my heart, and it is because I have a brother whom is 11 months older than me, that I have always been close too. He was my best friend growing up, he was pal, he was co-conspirator “smile” every kid needs one of those. I’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished, I’m proud of him for not giving up, for trying with all his might to win the race that is set before him. He has a strong will and personality, he will shock your socks off. But he is only 1 of 3.7 million Special Olympic athletes
that wants to show the world that he too, can do something awesome and great.

To learn about Special Olympics go here http://www.specialolympics.org/


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