Teaching Responsibility to a Toddler or Preschooler Part 2

Part 2

Once our kids were able to do some simple tasks like brushing teeth, making their bed, cleaning their room. We added on another chore they like to do. For instance “Bubba” loves to help in the kitchen, so his job is to help rinse the dishes so I can put them in the dishwasher or dry the pots and pans once I have washed them. “Pipsqueak” Loves to hand me the clean dishes from the dishwasher. So those things became theirs to do as well as their bedroom.

I then added on a few more. Granted they are not ones they like to do.but being responsible isn’t always about being able to do what you like. So for Bubba he gets to clear the table and pipsqueak gets to set the table.  The newest chore that has been added to Bubba’s list is folding his own clothes and sometimes some towels. Which by the way he is not a fan of, but we thought it was important because it teaches sorting and folding things neatly.

I just have to say for being 4, he has become a pro and he loves it when I sit down next to him and fold his siblings clothes with him.

I will be the first to admit this, sometimes it is more work to have them “help” but I know that it will be a BIG HELP later on. Right now we are in the process of training our children in the way they should go. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it easy. But all in all I know that one day their bosses will thank me and no matter how tough a job may get they will stick it out.

Now for a  simple chore chart click the link below.

Chore chart material you will need:
– Printer
– Paper
– Clear Contact Paper
– Crayons or Markers *Optional
– Scissors
– Magnet Tape
– Your Refrigerator or another magnetic surface.

We found that if we placed a chore on one side with a picture it was easy for the kiddos to associate the picture with words. On the opposite side we place the word “Done” in large, bold black letters. They feel a huge accomplishment when they get to turn their cards over and see the word done.


Once you have printed off the 2 pages of chores.

chore chart 1

chore chart 2

Cut the chores apart and the “Done’s” apart place one of them down on the contact paper, words down  and then place 3 to 4 magnet tape pieces down on the back of the paper alternating sticky side to magnetic side. “Make sure you alternate, otherwise the chore won’t stick to the magnetic surface really well on of the sides” Then place the other paper side down. and put another piece of contact paper over, press down and cut the edges so they are all even. stick on fridge and there you go. Make sure that the contact paper or the printer paper isn’t scrunched up, it doesn’t like to stick to the fridge.

 Chore Chart 2         Chore Chart

These are some of the chores we set for our kids.

 10 other chore ideas for 2-3 year old’s

  1. – Take their dirty laundry to the laundry room
  2. – Place dirty clothes in the hamper
  3. – Put water in a pets dish with help
  4. – Help Clear the table
  5. – Wipe the table off with assistance
  6. – Dust furniture that is lower to the ground
  7. – Help Set the table
  8. – Water plants “get a small watering can”
  9. – Help sort clothes “Whites and dark’s”
  10. – Sweep “I cut the handle off a broom, so it was shorter for them to handle” They loved it!

10 other chore ideas for 4-5 year old’s “plus the ones above”

  1. Help cook in the kitchen with supervision
  2. Help carry groceries in.
  3. Give the pet their food in a dish
  4. Help clean the bathroom sink
  5. Help clean the bathroom tub
  6. Help change the bedding on the beds
  7. Help load the washer
  8. Unload dryer and put in laundry basket
  9. Dust furniture that is not higher than their height.
  10. Help weed the garden

10 Other chore ideas for 6-8 year old’s “plus the ones above”

  1. Write Thank you notes with supervision
  2. Take the pet for a walk
  3. Groom the pet
  4. Fold linen
  5. Hang clothes on hangers
  6. Hang laundry outside on the clothesline
  7. Vacuum
  8. Put dishes away that are in the dishwasher
  9. Wash dishes
  10. Dry Dishes

For more ideas on chores click here. Age appropriate chores go up to age 18

Do you have good luck with getting your kids to do chores? Leave a comment. Thanks
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