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I'm a wife, a momma, a housekeeper and a penny saving one at that.

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  1. In our home I save money with coupons.

  2. We simply don’t buy what we don’t need (most of the time) and try to buy what we do need used!

  3. I do home repairs and DIY renovations rather than hiring outside help. TAkes a hell of a lot longer..but it saves tons of money!

  4. Upcycle what we can, don’t buy things we don’t need and do a lot of free activities like biking, hiking and going on picnics.

  5. Starr Greenwell

    with coupons and watching ads very carefully.

  6. I have been couponing ever since I got married 16 years ago.

  7. We are saving money for college and a trip to Italy.

    • oops, I misunderstood the question…lol. We save money by buying things on sale or used. I shop around to get the best deal, especially on big purchase items.

  8. i use coupons and discount flyers whenever I can

  9. Starr Greenwell

    I watch the ads and use coupons

  10. I save money by buying only what I really need and watching for sales and deals.

  11. We buy most home items used, shop thrift stores for clothes, and hit sales and used coupons, for groceries.

  12. Unplug everything when it’s not being used. It has saved us a bunch!

  13. We save money by using coupons. I also make my hubby’s lunch every day instead of eating out.

  14. I order water to drink when I eat out.

  15. I try to do as much as I can myself without hiring people to mow, clean, remove snow, etc.

  16. Starr Greenwell

    watching ads and using coupons.

  17. Rae Ferguson

    i use coupons when can find good ones to use

  18. We coupon and use amazon to save on bulk items

  19. Starr Greenwell

    One way is to shop at end of season for next year at department stores.

  20. I buy everything on sale. I very rarely pay full price for anything we buy. I will use coupons when I can. I also comparison shop to get the best price. thank you!

  21. I save money by cooking most things from scratch. Much cheaper than convenience foods plus it’s healthier and tastes better.

  22. use coupons and watch for sales

  23. I always shop with coupons—groceries and retail.

  24. I find that I save money by paying with cash. I have a certain amount that has to last for the month and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Really makes me think twice about each purchase.

  25. Rebecca Peters

    I use coupons when I shop.. its saves me a lot

  26. I buy items on sale and use coupons to save money.

  27. Suzanne Lewis

    You can use coupons, buy in bulk when items are on sale, make purchases at the dollar store, buy generic instead of name brand.

  28. I try to stick to a budget with groceries and use coupons.

  29. Nicole Newby

    I’ve recently been getting the Sunday paper for coupons, we’ve been unplugging everything we can when we go to bed, we got energy efficient light bulbs and curtains, etc.

  30. Scarlett Graham

    I always use coupons and swap them with a friend.

  31. I save money by taking sack lunches to work instead of eating out every day.

  32. We use coupons and try to only things that are on sale.

  33. I shop at thrift stores.
    Thanks for the contest.

  34. We are careful with what we purchase and try to buy items on sale whenever possible.

  35. I combine coupons and sales to save money at the grocery store.

  36. To save on electric we unplug anything we are not using

  37. I use coupons and love hitting yard sales

  38. I wash my car in the driveway and save the money I would have spent at the car wash.

  39. We recycle cans which saves us money.

  40. I stay away from malls and only shop when I NEED something.

  41. Vikki Billings

    I go through the sale add for bargains and I use coupons. I also shop at the thrift store for clothes and furniture.

  42. I use coupons and I shop at thrift stores

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