A Father’s Day Keepsake BBQ Apron

Ok, I have to admit something. Little kids patties “hands”, paint and something to place them on. Always ranks high on my list for keepsakes. I think their little patties are so cute!. So of course I did a Father’s Day BBQ Apron Keepsake for my kiddos and my favorite man in the world.

In order to make this cute Father’s Day Keepsake BBQ Apron. You will need the following:

  • Canvas Apron – You can find these at your local retail department store in the craft department for about $5
  • Fabric Paint – $8 – $10 at a store that carries craft supplies/fabric
  • Paint Brush – Dollar store for $1
  • Fabric Pencil – 4 pack for about $9 at a store that carries craft supplies/fabric
  • Little Patties of all your kiddos
  • A cute saying to add to your apron – Feel free to use ours. My 4 year old came up with the first part and I added Hands Down at the end.
  • Wax paper – Newspaper could leave ink on backside of the apron if paint leaks through.

Once you have all your supplies gathered follow the directions on the back of fabric paint. Most if not all will say that you need to wash your fabric first.
Once you have washed your canvas apron and dried. I would recommend ironing it so there’s no wrinkles. I found it easier to work with when most if not all were gone. You will need to then lay wax paper on the surface you will be working on and place the apron on top of it.


Next take the fabric pencil and write the cute saying your kids want to put on the apron. I asked my 4 year old and he thought we should put on the apron “One big cool Dad” and I added Hands down on the end.  Not sure if you see the writing on the apron, but I tried to get a close up for you to see.


Next grab your fabric paint


Now pick your colors and write the saying you would like.


Now comes the fun part. Have your kiddos come to the table. I have found that with my own kids, that if you paint their hands, it shows up better on the surface then if you let them stick their hands in the paint. It also is a great idea if you have an old towel, t-shirt, apron or paint smock to cover their clothes. Fabric paint doesn’t come out very easily if at all.


There is the apron all finished. Once you have finished yours, it is very important that you let it dry completely. After 72 hours feel free to wash it unless your fabric paint directions state otherwise. Once dry feel free to wrap up and give it as a gift. You can always wash it later. Enjoy!

Please comment and share any cute sayings that would be cute on a father’s day keepsake BBQ apron that you may have. More the merrier! Don’t forget to check us out on twitter @economicalmommy

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