How To: Pinwheel Skirt

So recently my daughter turned 9 months and I thought she deserved a new outfit. Right? What girl doesn’t? So I came across a lot of silk square scarfs. You know the ones you usually see elderly ladies wear over their hair? I picked up about 10 of them at our local thrift store for .50 cents each. The ones I picked up were just cute and very easy to mix if I wanted to or even make something out of just one of them.So my head went a spinning with the possibilities. Here is one of them.

So today I’m going to show you how to make a pinwheel skirt as well. It is very simple. For this pinwheel skirt I used 2  square silk scarfs.

To start with, Gather your supplies

  • Sewing Machine
  • Corresponding thread
  • 2 Silk Square Scarfs
  • Elastic
  • Safety Pin

If need be wash and dry the scarfs first. Once that is done, iron if needed. Otherwise fold your scarfs in half one by one and cut down the middle. As you can see I didn’t iron mine.

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Next take your halfs and fold in half again and cut down the middle. When completed you should have 8 quarters.


Next take 2 squares one of each pattern. Sew a finished side to a cut side. Like so. It is easier to zig zag the edges and gives it a more finished look.


This is the size I used for sewing with a straight line.  If you don’t have a digital  sewing machine it is your normal stitch which is about a size 3


For your zig zag stitch this is the size I used. If you don’t have a digital sewing machine it runs about 2 or 3 on your sewing machine for stitch.


Once you have sewn 2 sides together “per-edged and cut” go ahead and zigzag the edges.


Do this to all your squares until they are sewn all together. Once you have completed and zigzagged all the edges. Here are mine all done.


Fold and tuck the top of the skirt to create the waist. Sew 2 straight lines around the fold of the skirt leaving about an inch at the back of the skirt to get the elastic through. I made the distance between the two stitches to be about half an inch apart. The waist is about an inch wide. You can make the waist width as wide as you want.


Put your elastic through the waist. I always cut my elastic extra long and sew together to fit my little girls waist. I cut it extra long so there is room to grow. I can let the waist out to fit accordingly allowing her to wear this skirt longer then 3 months.

Here is the pinwheel skirt all finished.


And here is my darling little 9 month old girl in her new skirt.


This skirt fits her great right now. When she is standing it goes to her ankles. She has lots of growing room available in this pinwheel skirt

Making clothes from simple things is so much fun! I loved making this pinwheel scarf from 2 very simple silk scarfs. If you have any questions or would like to share your ideas please comment below.

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