Homemade super bubble recipe


So recently, my 2 boys were watching an episode of Little Einsteins. If you are unsure of what show that is. Don’t worry I will try my hardest to explain it. My kids just LOVE that show. Randomly I will hear or see my children act out different aspects of the show or I will hear them say something that came from the show. For instance the other day we were driving and my eldest yells Mama go allegro! Then he yelled mom accelerado! Well needless to say I smiled to myself. If it hadn’t been for the few piano lessons I have had and even for seeing some of Little Einsteins to refresh my memory. I probably wouldn’t have had a clue.

A little about the show. Little Einsteins is based on musical instruments and classical music. 4 kids go on adventures in a “rocket”. “Which is also another character with a sense of humor” Rocket zooms through the sky. The show gets the kids to interact and practice saying “allegro, adagio, crescendo and so on. If you are unfamiliar with those words they are Latin for fast, slower than andante, gradually increase in loudness. The characters solve problems by bringing classical music into the show.

On one such episode one of the characters was learning how to drive “Rocket” and 2 of the other characters were on the ground blowing bubbles. “Super bubbles to be exact” When the third character joined the other two and were all of a sudden swept away inside a large super bubble. taking them far away. Up and over mountains and through valleys away from the character that was learning to fly “Rocket” and Rocket. The character has to practice what she has learned and listen to music to find the right path to take to find her friends.

To go along with the show I decided to make our very own “Super Bubbles”. I will have to admit I should have taken into consideration that my eldest would …….. lets see be very blunt with mama about how they are not super bubbles because he couldn’t fit inside one and fly away. Oh goodness sakes. The bubble solution was fantastic though. We would blow the bubbles and they wouldn’t pop right away. they would even land on the tall grass and not pop. So here is our solution to “super bubbles”. I hope you and your friends also have lots of fun with this recipe!

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Super Bubble Recipe

  • 1 Cup of Dish Soap – Sad to say cheap isn’t the answer here for dish soap… I found that Dawn works best.
  • 1/4 cup of corn syrup – If you add a little more it won’t hurt.
  • 6 cups of water
  • Jar or container to hold the solution
  • Spoon
  • Wand – We used a small bubble wand. The large your wand holes are the larger the bubbles.

When you mix the ingredients together make sure that you don’t make lots of bubbles.

I then put it into a large 2 liter pop bottle that has been cleaned and washed. I then cap it until their little bubble containers are empty. I do have a rule in our house one fill up per day. Otherwise. you got it. they would go through the whole solution in one day.

I hope all of you have fun trying out the Super Bubble Solution.

Question Of The Day! Have you ever tried to make your own bubble solution before?

To watch Little Einsteins Episode “Annies Solo mission” Super bubble episode Click Annies Solo Mission.

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