Bats Bats Bats

Yep that nasty word. BATS!

Bat 1

I will tell you what, I never realized how much I despise those creatures. How much they disgust me beyond measure. Eww Eww Eww is what I have to say to them. I also never realized how much I “fear” them. Until this past Sunday afternoon when I had time to think back to what had just happened that morning. Yes a bat story. One I’m sure that will have you laughing. Needless to say it reminded me of watching my two younger sisters freak out about spiders and how they would pay our younger brother just to come and kill them as they screamed and got as far as they possibly could away from them….. LOL. Yes I laughed at them. Hey in fact I bought fake spiders and well needless to say I wasn’t very nice. So now I feel that God is well, getting back at me. Serves me right I guess. So here it goes.

A little back story

Recently my mother in-law has been having some work done on a portion of her house. They had to remove the ceiling “not the roof portion” over  one half of the house. So now she has bats that found their way into the rafters of the family and dining room and occasionally as I found out on Sunday they also have found their way into the bathroom on that side of the house.

My awesome husband had been capturing bats the night before and had already caught 24 of those disgusting things. “Yes he was keeping track” It kinda reminded me of the fairy tale of the man who wore a belt that had killed seven at one time “referring to killing seven flies all at one time”.

Well needless to say I was just happy that he was removing them. Eww and gross all at the same time. Glad it wasn’t me.

We spent the night at my in-laws so we could spend some extra time with my sister in-law that had come for a visit. Sunday morning I got up early so I could go take a bath “I LOVE baths” and it was still quiet in the house and everyone and I mean EVERYONE is still sleeping. I walk to the bathroom and look in the tub. There were toys in the tub from the night before when kids had taken their baths. So I started to pick them up. Mind you I’m still very groggy and tired. I see something that is black/brown and looked like a big turd. I thought to myself “Eww. Oh the joys of motherhood” so as I grabbed a toy that was right by it. It hit me! “EWW, EWW, EWW it’s a bat. GROSS and there are TWO of them!!!!

images“No these are not the actual bats I saw.”

I so very slowly walked out of that bathroom and walked briskly to the bedroom where my hubby was sawing logs and I shook him awake. “By the way that man is very hard to wake up most of the time.” I think because of the tone of my voice he woke up right away and sat up in bed. I told him in a panicky/whining voice “Nathan, there are bats in the tub. Please come get them. They are dead. He very groggily said “ok” Then the next words out of his mouth was not what I wanted to hear he said “go grab the dust pan and the pliers, pick them up by the wing gently and toss them outside the backdoor”. Yep that is what my awesome husband told me. I will tell you what I begged him. I promised him that I would do just about anything for him if he would just take care of the bats. Well needless to say that didn’t work.pACE-954779dtSo I went and got the dustpan and pliers. “all the while freaking out inside” I walked into the bathroom and just stood there looking at those two bats laying in the tub still near some bath toys. I took a deep breath. My hubby walks in right than” Relief spread across my face as I thought “Oh good he is here to do it” Nope not the case. He gently said “Amber just use the pliers and gently pick one up by the wing and take it outside”. I very much begged my husband to please do it. The answer was still a gentle no and I know you can do it hunny. I bent down slowly and touched one of the bats with the pliers. IT MOVED! Yep it moved! IT WASN”T DEAD! I jumped and screamed. My hunny “I love him to pieces with a slight smile on his face told me “Just use the dustpan and scoop it up”. Well I wanted to kill two birds with one stone so I tried to scoop both of them up with the dustpan at the same time.

IT didn’t work. one sorta crawled/fell off the dustpan. Yes I screamed again. I did this little jaunt half run/half walk with my right arm fully extended out and the dust pan as far away from my head as possible. I kept screaming. I didn’t make it to the back door. I made it to the front door which was closer. I yanked that door open with all my might I hit the screen door handled and I tossed the bat off to the side of the porch “Well at least I tried to toss it off to the side” IT CLUNG ONTO the dust pan. I screamed. I practically had to hang unto the dust pan and really shake/throw the bat off. I did this prancing in place. Yep prancing. EWW GROSS. by this time it still hasn’t hit me that I could be waking the whole house up. I started to walk back inside knowing full well that I still had one more bat to go. Relief flooded me as I saw my husband with a huge smile on his face and the last bat in the grasp of the pliers. wiggling and squeaking. He tossed the bat off to the side. I thanked my hubby profusely as we walked back inside the house. He said “your welcome” with a smile on his face and a slight laugh in his voice. No one in the house woke up from my screaming. Which was miraculous. Now when I think back to yesterday. I can’t help but laugh. I might have been a tom boy growing up. However bats can stay in their own little homes and leave EVERY place that I decided to sleep or reside in ALONE!

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Blogaholic Designs”=What are your thoughts about bats? We would love to hear a bat story from you if you have one.


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  1. Yeahhh….I would have just closed the bathroom door and said, “Forget the bath!”

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