Make your own Removable Wall Art

As I was contemplating for the last couple weeks how and what I was going to do for wall art in my bathroom. I figured I would just buy a stencil and do a scripture verse on the wall. But as I sat there on the couch in “la-la land” it hit me! why can’t I make my own removable wall art? It would be faster and cheaper and I could always remove it later and put something else up. So here it is the “I can do it myself, penny pincher moment”.

  • First figure out what you want to create on your wall “a saying, a picture”
  • Whatever you choose, decide whether you want black for the writing or color.
  • If you want black or colored writing on a clear background. Follow the directions below But if you want to do shapes and designs scroll down a bit.Writing on a clear background

    Now Gather your supplies.
  1. Clear Contact paper
  2. Computer with a writing program
  3. A printer
  4. White paper of course
  5. Scissors
  • On your writing program write what you want to say and enlarge the lettering to the size you want for the wall.
Here is a screen shot of the writing program I use, “Microsoft Office Word 2007.” Now as you can see when you go to enlarge your writing, you can usually only go up to 72, However you can make it larger than that.
Click on the above picture to enlarge, But if you look where I circled in red the style of writing and the size of the writing. You will be able to see there is a large A and a smaller A  click on those to increase or decrease your lettering size.
Now if you choose to make a saying or picture larger and it won’t fit in the portrait view go ahead and change it to the landscape view. I circled in red what to look for. Once you have what you are looking for go ahead and print on plain white paper.
Now you will want to cut the words or design out to your liking, I think curvy cuts are more attractive than straight across or rectangle looking.
Make sure to also get the length cut of the contact paper as well, peel the back off the contact paper and lay sticky side up.
Remember if you are doing words you want to lay your wording down backwards. Rub gently on the wording, not to soft or the black ink wont show up on the contact paper. Just remember not to rub to hard or your paper will stick to the contact paper and not peel off very nice. Try rubbing it soft and peel a little bit of the paper back if the wording isn’t dark enough rub some more. “Don’t feel bad if you have to do this process more than once, I print a few extra pages of the saying I want just in case I lay the saying down and it ends up crooked.”
Now here is the wording on the contact paper, I flipped it over and put it back on the back of the contact paper for transport to the location on the wall I want to put it on. Now you will see that the wording is black and it is slightly faded. It does show up a little darker on the wall.
Here is where I finally decided to put my saying, I did have it in another location and didn’t like it very much. So I re-printed and cut it out. Here is the one I did for my bathroom.The butterflies really added an extra touch to it, Don’t you think?
I like that verse form the bible, because it is a great reminder that every day is new and a great start over from the previous day.

Scrolls and Shapes

Here I used various round objects like jars, cups and I do believe I used a flower vase as well for the smaller dots. I traced them on the back of the contact paper and then cut them all out.
Here is the design of the contact paper I used. Isn’t it pretty?
Here they are on the wall, you can do all sorts of shapes and all different sizes of the design you want.

Here is the end result for the wall. I did the lettering myself and traced the letters on the back of the contact paper….. just remember to write your letters backwards, so they turn out the correct way on the wall. “Yeah I forgot to do this the first time and had to start over writing them.” Thank goodness I hadn’t cut them all out yet. Yikes!

Hint: Remember that once you have stuck them on the wall they won’t be as sticky the second time around so make sure you put your word art or design where you really want them. Or just make extras.

Do you like wall art? What is your take on it all?


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I'm a wife, a momma, a housekeeper and a penny saving one at that.

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  1. Ya its really good idea to make own removable wall wrt and its good technique via microsoft office word thanx for sharing these kind of idea . i really appericiate for these work

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