Create a T-Shirt design with TeeSpring

Have you ever thought of creating your own tees for a fundraiser, team, group or even just for fun? It is really easy and simple to do with Teespring. I love this site and I have had time to play around and mix things up and be very creative. This site is great if you are trying to raise money for a fundraiser, team and group. You can even design and sell them to make extra money.

With Teespring it is so easy to get started and it doesn’t cost you a penny to do it. So yes it is FREE to design a tee, set the price you want to sell it for, set a goal. Then advertise with facebook, e-mail and the rest of the world you decided to share it with.

It is so simple to do. It takes only 3 easy steps from beginning to end.

While you are working on the first step you need to decided what brand/style of a T-shirt you want to use. Along with what color. There are a lot of options to pick from, along with cost.  You can also add your own art or use one of the art graphics they have available.

teeEM postFront

Want a design or wording on the back of your t-shirt? Well it is possible to flip your t-shirt around using the button below the t-shirt that says “see back”.
Go ahead and edit this side as well if you have something extra you want to do. You can write a saying, a couple of words & or even art If you don’t have anything to add just leave it blank. It really is all up to you. The options and possibilities are endless.
When you are finished you can click the green button that says “Next Step”.

teeEM postback1

Now you are on step 2. This is where you will set your sales goal – “How many t-shirts you want to sell”. How much you want to sell them for. Once you have set those 2 things, look at the bottom of the page the bright green digits will show your profits. This will tell you what your estimated profit will be. When you have everything set. Go ahead and click “Next Step”

teeEM postscreen2

Step 3 here we come. Next enter the title of your Campaign.  Give a description of your t-shirt and or why they should buy it. You can also put a link to a website or a picture/design into the description. You then can choose your campaign length of time and choose your URL – This is not where you put your website name this is where you just put a simple name or team name  for instance we used economicalmommy  “” This way when you give the link out it directs people right to your campaign. Then decide on your shipping options. When you are all finished Click “Launch Campaign”

TeeEM post Screen3

Once you have clicked “Launch Campaign”  another screen will pop up showing you the buy it now tab along with how many you have sold compared to your goal. There you are all done.

TeeEM post Screen4

Wait did I say you were all done? Not quite 😉 Now that you are ready to sell your tee. Make sure to share it with friends and family!
Once you have shared it you can sit back and watch your group, team, fundraiser or see the extra money you need come in.

It really is that simple and it really doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

Give TeeSpring a try for your next fundraiser, group or even to make a little extra money on the side. It is an awesome company. One that is worth giving a try.

If you would like to purchase our first ever Economical Mommy Tee “Where Piggy Banks Rule The Day” Click here.

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I'm a wife, a momma, a housekeeper and a penny saving one at that.

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