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The Randomness of Vegetables and Fruit

For all you gardeners out there. Have you ever gotten into your growing season and have found some random vegetable or fruit-growing in a place you never planted it or even close to your garden? Well, I have. I find it on the funny side when it happens and I also see it as an unexpected blessing from God.

To talk about randomness of vegetables. Growing up on a hobby farm we had a compost pile. It was my chore to empty the compost out every day into the compost pile and on one such occasion I found a pumpkin growing up a tree. Yes a pumpkin growing part way up a tree. The crazy thing was it had my initials carved in the pumpkin. Which only meant one thing. My mom had found the pumpkin and had done that. Which by the way it made my day!

Pumpkins and many other “fruits” like it. Yes it is considered a fruit. Now if you want to surprise your kid or kids carve their name or a picture in a small pumpkin or other squash/gourd. As the fruit grows the fruit will scab over and grow with the fruit. It really is a neat thing to see. Also your kids will be overly surprised.


Yes I snatched the picture from the internet. 🙂

two years ago we planted tons of tomatoes and some tomatoes fell to the ground because they were rotten. So last year we were really surprised that we had 15-20 yep 15-20 random tomato plants growing. Granted it was great since we started our garden a little on the late side and missed the chance to plant tomatoes.

This year 20 odd miles from our garden we find a corn-stalk growing by our house. Yeah a corn-stalk.

Conner came running inside a couple of days ago. Very excited. He was talking so fast because he was so excited. he kept saying mama, mama, mommy, mommy, mom, mom. “yes all of those variations” I found some corn-growing  in the yard. I found some corn, I found some corn. Come look mommy, come look. hurry mommy. I can’t believe my eyes. I a little on the skeptical side of things was like ok show me. I half expected to just some really tall grass. don’t know why I wouldn’t be surprised at the randomness of any vegetable or fruit by now.

However here it is.

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It is about knee-high which in this neck of the woods it is very much on the late side of growing. It is about a month late. Corn here needs to be knee-high by July 4th in order for it to be considered a good crop. So we shall see if we actually get any corn from it.

Conner has been very diligent in watering this corn-stalk. He will ask me every day if he can go water it’s roots.
So randomness in our gardens no matter the distance always seems to happen and I will always welcome it with open arms. 🙂

Have you ever found any random fruit or vegetables growing?
What was your response to the randomness?

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